Terms & Conditions:

1. I am fully aware that Ocean City Thatta is NOT a housing scheme or Township, Ocean City Thatta is sale of private land owned by Sindhu Builders and Developers and/or their assignees in the form of open plots.

2. I am fully aware that my booking and subsequent payment of installments until and unless paid in full without default shall not be transferred on my name by way of sale deed.

3. I am fully aware that this booking amount is a token money for the entire contract amount and that failure to honour the contract within the stipulated timeframe shall amount to default.

4. I am fully aware that if due to any reason I fail to deposit 4 consecutive installments my booking contract shall be null and void.

5. I am fully aware that I shall not be entitled for any discount if I opt for Lump Sum payment or Balloon payment.

6. I am fully aware that the total cost of land does NOT include development, utility charges, electric connection, gas connection, water connection, road network etc, Sindhu Builders and Developers neither made any commitment nor have they charged for such services in the payment plan and also not included the same in the total price of plots.

7. I am fully aware that Sindhu Builders and Developers, at their own discretion may provide any relief/discount (for which they are not obligated) to allotted parties and the same shall NOT be applicable to any other allotted party.

8. I am fully aware that I shall bear the registrar fee for sale deed and any charges/tax levied by the government in this regard shall be borne by me and that the same is not included in the price of plot that I have booked.

9. I am fully aware that incase of default/cancellation/withdrawal from contract I shall only be refunded my principal amount paid after a deduction of 25% of the total price of plot only by a crossed cheque for which I must present my original cnic and be physically present at the office of Sindhu Builders and Developers.

10. I am fully aware that I shall only construct within the limits of my plot as demarcated by Sindhu Builders and Developers, I shall obtain any building permits, layout plans etc as per the bye-laws of Sindhu Building Control Authority and that I shall NOT occupy/encroach any land or road outside of my plot premises. Sindhu Builders and Developers reserve the right to remove any unnecessary part of my construction at their discretion outside the premises of my allowed plot.